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Dermaroller Studies


Percutaneous collagen induction" (PCI) or "collagen induction therapy" (CIT) is a skin treatment in which the outer layers of the skin, epidermis and dermis, are punctured in a minimally invasive way, thus activating the body's own repair process and the renewal of damaged skin tissue by increasing collagen production. With CIT, wound healing mechanisms are activated without damaging the epidermis; the puncture channels close again quickly.

Epidermal membrans after a Dermaroller treatment

Scanning electron microscopic images of the epidermal membrans treated with the Dermarollers directly (A) or 2h (B) after Dermaroller Treatment. Source: European Journal of Pharmaceutical science 2009

(A) 150 µm 500 µm 1500 µm

In vivo visualization of microneedle conduits in human skin using laser scanning microscopy

20 µm deep

Performed with Dermastamp by Charité Hospital, University of Berlin, 2009

Percutaneous collagen induction therapy: An alternative treatment for scars, wrinkles and skin sagging.

Authors Aust, Matthias C. M.D.; Fernandes, Des M.D.; Kolokythas, Perikles M.D.; Kaplan, Hilton M. M.D.; Vogt, Peter M. M.D.

Research Institute Clinic for Plastic Surgery, Hand and Reconstructive Surgery, Hannover Medical School

Source Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, 2008, Vol.121(4), pp.1421-1429

Summary Extensive retrospective analysis, groundbreaking summary on micro-needling, but with non-equivalent microneedling device.

Microneedling Therapy in Atrophic Facial Scars: An Objective Assessment

Author Imran Majid

Researchinstitute Cutis Skin- and Laser-Clinic, Govt Medical College, Srinagar, India

Source Journal of Cutaneous and Aesthetic Surgery, 2009, Vol.2(1), p.26-30

Summary Atrophic facial scars of grade 2 and 3 are reduced significantly; method is simple, safe and free of adverse effects. Device: MF8

Skin Cell Proliferation Stimulated by Microneedles

Authors Horst Liebl, Luther C. Kloth

Researchinstitute Department of Physical Therapy, Marquette University, P.O. Box 1881, Milwaukee, WI 53201-1881, USA

Source Journal of the American College of Clinical Wound Specialists, March 2012, Vol.4(1), pp.2-6

Summary Hypothesis on underlying mode of action; postulated role of MMPs confirmed by new result (El-Sheimy et al 2015).

A prospective controlled assessment of Microneedling with the Dermaroller-device

Author Schwarz M, H Laaff

Source Plast Reconstr Surg 127(6):146e-148e.

Summary Outcome was measured in terms of elastin content and thickness of epidermis All treated subjects reported an improvement in hyperchromia, smoothness and skin texture. The procedure was very well tolerated. Device: MF8