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Medical Indications

Microneedling is a minimally invasive therapeutic option that is excellent for the treatment of all types of scars, especially acne scars, but also injury scars, burn scars and stretch marks.


Recommended needle length

Model Recommended needle length Medical indications
MC405 MC905 0.5 mm mild scars on areas with thin skin
MC410 MC910 1.0 mm Light scars
MC415 MC915 1.5 mm acne scars scars of all kinds striae distensae
MC425 MC925 2.5 mm Burn scars
MC1825 2.5 mm (double headed roller) Burn scars

Different scar types

atraumatic atraumatic

Square with thick edges, caused by destructive inflammation (chickenpox, furunculosis).


Wedge-shaped or needle-shaped scars after acne

atraumatic atraumatic
Rolling scar

Semicircular after acne, injury or surgery

atraumatic atraumatic

Before and after

Acne scar treatment
before-acne-scars after-acne-scars

Before and after 2 treatments (12 weeks later) - Healing in Progress MC915 Clinical Trial Dermaroller Mask, Lipopetide Home Care HC902, Dermaroller Mask, Moisturizer, Lipopeptide

before-scarring after-scarring

One month after the first eDermastamp treatment

Burn scar treatment

A 3 years old post-burn hypertrophic, hyper pigmented scar on the posterior surface of the left calf. Before and 8 months after one procedure of microneedling treatment.


One treatment with MC925 7 months post-op


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