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Why the Original?

Due to the optimal number of needles used, only light pressure is necessary to puncture the skin. Therefore an uncontrolled damage of the skin is being avoided.

Dermaroller Produktion



A-traumatic needles vs disk

Other Microneedling Rollers: several Disc-needle plates arranged next to each other with way too many "needles", can tear and scrape the skin rather than gently puncture it, which can lead to uncontrolled damage and therefore scarring

needle control

Raw needle control

• precise and raw needle control • 100% inspection on each and every needle before the needles getting further used in the production process

needles shapes

Why the Original from Dermaroller?

+ Precisely arranged needles

+ Finest stainless steel

+ Light and ergonomical handle

+ No glued needles

+ Production under the highest quality standards (Triple quality control)

+ six step working progress

+ Gentle puncturing

+ Light pressure is enough

+ Atraumatic needles - no disk needles



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