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Aesthetical Indications

Typical non-medical indications for Microneedling are aesthetic-cosmetic treatment of age-related wrinkles, sun-damaged skin on face, neck, hands and décolleté. Treatment of sagging skin everywhere on the body. The perforation of the skin surface for the introduction of active substances whose safety has been proven for the respective application.


Recommended needle length

Model Recommended needle length Aesthetica indications
MC405 MC905 0.5 mm Improvement of skin texture & ton Sun-damaged and mature skin Reduces pore size
MC410 MC910 1.0 mm Improvement of skin texture & tone Sun-damaged and mature skin Slight and moderate wrinkles
MC415 MC915 1.5 mm deep wrinkles tightening of lax skin

Before and after

Oily Skin and big pores
oliy-before oliy-after

6 weeks after one eDermastamp Treatment. Source: Dr. Gonzales / Germany

Sun-damaged skin

Skin repair after 6 weeks with a vitamin (A & C) cocktail enhanced with the Dermaroller HC902.

hair-growth-before hair-growth-after

8 weeks after Hair Growth Treatment. Source: Body Tuned

Hair loss

One month after the first eDermastamp treatment


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